8 months pregnant

“your baby will grow up to eat the things you eat during your pregnancy, so make sure you’re eating your greens!” 

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this, infact I could probably write a book on all the things you will hear about 100 times throughout your pregnancy as some women (mothers and grandmothers in particular) seem to feel the need to comment on everything you do and how it will affect your unborn baby. I wish Nana had a camera phone so I could send her a photo of the bag of lollies im currently  demolishing.    

Being 8 months pregnant sure has its challenges, I’m pretty sure I haven’t slept in a week all thanks to the 2-3 nightly visits to the bathroom, not to mention the weirdest and most vivid dreams Ive ever had.   
Then of course there is the back pain, swollen feet and hands, the famous waddle (which i now call ‘pregnancy swag’ thanks to a funny quote i saw on FaceBook) and all that tiredness you thought you said goodbye to in the first trimester finds its way back. I’m beginning to become more aware of how my hormones are affecting my emotions, not long ago I had a meltdown and cried for about 10 minutes because a fly wouldnt leave me alone, something my dearest fiance found all too funny, but sat by my side till I stopped crying anyway.
Of course there are the highlights: Feeling your baby wriggle and move like never before (not to mention a few karate kicks to the ribs) and seeing your beautiful bump grow which indicates you’re getting closer to the big day.   Next week we have a maternity shoot, strangely feeling very nervous, possibly because I have to bare my big colourful stretchmarks (which of course will be photoshopped along with the extra donut ive gained around my hips). Im not ashamed of my body however, I am most proud of what these stripes resemble and will continue to forever, but I would prefer to look a little more “smooth” in the photos that will most likely be hanging in large frames in my house.
We also have a growth scan next week,  I just love seeing our little girl wriggling around, we are hoping to get a 4D scan to get a better look (impatient, I know), I think it will be great to have so we can show our children in the future, assuming they’ll want to see what they looked like in their mother’s womb (perhaps not?).

Thank God I tried on a potential wedding dress when I was 6 months, I dont even want to imagine what trying to get into one would feel like now. Wedding plans are coming along, slightly. Mr Right and I are still making final decisions on where to wed, I wish I could read his mind at times like these, I think it’s all getting a bit much so I’ve decided I will make sure I approach the situation when hes relaxed (meaning food in one hand, cold beer in the other) to save the whole thing becoming a hassle to even talk about. Look at me, already practising being a good wife!

So going back to my lollies now, time to catch up on rest while I still can!

Amy x